Wambara - Duck - male descent

might [?marry?] Murumbul - Brown snake
[?Iamangabalk?] - Porcupine
?? ??
ngarribarr - water hen

Old Jack said his son is [?Yackembrack?]

Bega blacks two names
Kaualgar (Kaujaw) + Tirka (small night bird)

Bega Charly
Ngatunadjan + Murumbul

Bat = Brother of men
[??] [??] = sister women

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Mūrawrai = Emu wren

Biamban = Headman [??] [??]
also Tharamulun
= Gommera

These blacks have totem
names and perhaps traces
of class names
About Bega the individual
has two names e.g. Bega Charly
= Ngallatajan (Bat) + Murumbul
(Brown snake.
[??] Bumapu +c the individual
has one name e.g. Merriman
Wombara = Black duck
Other names are Kanalga =
Kangaroo, Iannangabatch =
Porcupine, which is also called
Gouran moura; Ngaribar
= water hen ([?Papbyris?]) This is
[on side margin] [?Jabberah?] name. descent- agnate

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