The Bat and the Emu wren
(Mur-au-rai) are the
mens brothers and the
[?treecreeps?] is the womans
Its said that the Emu wren
first made the human sexes [?distinct?] by splitting up
the then existing people
and by then sewing them
up again. [crossed out - The Emu wren]
[crossed out - is called] To kill a treecreeper
would greatly offend the women
and cause them to fight
with the men.
It is said that long ago
there were no people on
the earth as now - and

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no trees and that the sky
being as hard as a stone
Daramulun lived in the
earth with his mother
Ngal-al-bal. He placed
trees in the earth. There
were also there many
birds and animals.
At the time the land
extended far out where
the sea now is. The
thrush ([left blank])
going out hunting killed a
wallaby and gave some
of it to the other birds
Those looking a it and
smelling it said it
was going rotten and made
complaints. The thrush

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Ted Ryan

Re the 2 queried sections in paragraph 1 & 2: Jay has [?treecreeps?] - the word should read treecreeper as the text is referring to the 'friends' of men and women - and the 2 commonest friends across se Australia were the bat as friend of all the men and the treecreeper as friend of all the woman. In regard to paragraph 2, I'm sure Jay is correct and the word is 'distinct'.