being much enraged
while the others were out
hunting [?commenced?] to
dance and to sing until
he caused a furious
gale of wind to arise.
Whirlwinds swept leaves
sticks and dust high
up and torrents of rain
fell and drowned the
whole country and all
the people in it except
some who turned into
fishes and some who
crawled out on the dry
land and became men
and women. Some say
that two only a man and

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a woman survived by
escaping up Mt Dromedary
and that from then all the
Murring have descended
Daramulun with
his wife and his mother
Ngal-al-bal went up
into the sky where he now
It was Daramulun - the
Biamban (Headman
-ruler) who taught the
Murring and who
instituted the Bunan
and its ceremonies
and gave his laws to
old people who first lived
and who handed it down
from father to son to these times

[written in side margin] Women and children are not told of Daramulun.

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