What is name of first performers? did [they?] [jelbing = strips of bark - written above this line]
near Bud-budda in olden times [??] nothing?
Where they rubbed all over with charcoal. no
What did Billy say when he lifted boys up
out of bed - [??] a noise
If boys broke laws of Mungan would he
do anything to them?
Describe conjured scene
Describe Kangaroo scene
What is note of boys chirp.

chop up Kangaroo and lay on a log
and let boys cut it - [lead?] them
[marks?] it the - old men not

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After the bush [??] boys [had been first- crossed out] were
dressed as men - Forehead red band, gumbart
necklace, budda budda, armlets
and face for painted red.

Boys canot eat [wallaby gun?]
until the old men cook and give
it to them. This is soon done.
And when in poor country the
rules are very soon relaxed.
eg as Lake Tyers [very?]
little flesh food.

Page Notes

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Stephen Morey

gumbart is a nose peg, mentioned in Howitt (1904: 389-90).

Stephen Morey

State Library MS 1053/3b, mentions "a Budda Brulda of Kangaroo rat skin (ngallĒ”n)"

Ted Ryan

Should not 'Where they rubbed all over with charcoal' read 'Were they rubbed all over with charcoal'.
Last paragraph of page 1 should start 'chop up Kangaroo and lay on a log and let boys eat it...' Last 2 lines on page 2 should read- 'eg at Lake Tyers [?] [?] very little flesh food'.