ground the figure of Daramulun
with one leg - his tomahawk
near - sheild, spears +c
- then the footstep of
Emu - then next step
-then Emu where
he fell -

(Note the Daramulun
dong - Wondung)

Daramulun was a good
hunter [?once?] - he made
this [?? - looks like sery] - he has one by
the other is a sharp bone
- Woman cannot know
of him - Men
can only talk of him
away from the women.

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Murring - Wiradjurai = scars
on arm + back
to stop boomerang

A man's Joea is inside
of him + the [?living?] man
[?gives?] from [?? - could be nothing or no him?]

Merriman's Joea is Black
duck. He cannot eat kill
- once in the night (sleep)
Jem [could be Jim] [?ire?] sent his joea the
Iguana but Merriman
then cut it out he

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