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Yarlat gŭrk = small night jar
lives in holes & [?] a colour [?]
of miner
[?] went about hunting
- very clever _ till he got x. all
over his body._ he was [?]
by the [?] wings. ------------
when a man died say by [?]
and no one knew who did it -
after a time some friend - father son
when hunting in the bush would
hear a [voice][crossed out] low voice telling
them who did it. The voice is the gŭlkan gŭlkan (ghost) of the
dead. He named in [?] each
tell the brother of deceased / father [?]
also) and all would go after the
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offender and send wirriker [?] round
be search a murderer and him
[?] seeing the wirriker coming
would give him something to
eat thinking he came alone.
He woudl pitch a yarn about
his people and at night
he would get up and go back
pretend, he was looking for
word and his mates coming
near would meat him and
[?] in the dark make a
sign by [?] his spears
He would [?][?] them in
their concealment. [?] [?]
he had to [?] [?], would gradually
draw nearer until about
100 yards away - and he would
say [?] when you hear me

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