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is a [?] you to come nearer
[crossed out] [?] wirriker having his dogs near
by his camp [crossed out]. the wirriker
mignt pretend to be made. At bed time
[?] the man might seize the
murderers own jag spear from his
camp and spear him
when the speared man cries out for
help and his friend [?] [?]
their weapon the ambush rush [?]
[?] him a man made a
woman marry him by [?]
her hair.
Sometime men dreamed that
someone else had his hair
or [?] of possum, [?]
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This is when the spear [?]
he ever will dream [?]
[?] time dreaming it, are
sure. He then calls his
friends togehter and tells them
I am dreaming of often
about this [?] man. I was
dreaming I am in the
middle of the fire every [?]

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