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Get something belonging
the man - even if he
spits in the ground you
can c[?] the spit up
and put it in the
gulliwill well lind up
with cloth and thing so
at no shryth can
go out. Put in [crossed out]
Make a big fire and put the
gulliwill in it and the
heat gets [crossed out] man puts [?]
and he gets more and more
by and bye till he dreams.

1) Yullo = sharper bone
black feller this legs[?]

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with [?]view -
to point at a man witchuri = feather
the witchuri creep[?]
2) the flying yullo
witharat a man and
a [something crossed out] bring him
out[?] of his camp it is
invisible and he must go
to the wijan who carried[?] him
any for the fat[?]
3) yullo [?] carried trail
used to be up a man.
caught by a man
C[?] an to put to sleep in
his camp - snoring -

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