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Kangaroo [underlined]
old man morh[?] brother[?]
Ribs all round.
Mamed man with friend
seen[?] of the ribs.
Two mamamed men
any other part [crossed our]. the rest
all ford divided
Father - head and foot part
Wifes father - A leg & fat - blood
divide [underlined] any all them
the hunter [?] not
divide it - his [?] nearest
friend divide it [?]
leave him some.

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Gomera could not
eat the [?] part of Emu
in g[?] g[?]
[?] but could eat any part
Young man couldn't
eat tail.
Young men earned eel
black duck or [?]
be speared.
Nor turtle - or be killed
by lightly it belongs to
the thunda[?]
The smell of turtle
Young men cannot eat Paddemelon

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