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Leaur-gŭra -ballŭk
round the mountain
where Parker's Station
was. name gūrojang
Have then Campaspe:
No many there only Bunjil.
at Daylesford all the
Ranges where wambat
are are [Kalk Kalk -crossed out] gal gal Bullŭk
- all wang.

Leaur gura balluk have
[3 languages - crossed out] speak Woiworŭng
only with a sharp accent
half Jajowrong half

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The relatives of Bunjil
to Wang are called

[two lines difficult to read]
+ old men ask when
did your grandfather
(paternal come) from)

Thursday evening about
sundown the Tūtanarring were
placed in the ground
the Krauan behind them and
old Mary represented all the
mothers. [The men - crossed out] Jimmy Fidgett
waited with the boys as master of
the ceremonies. Old William +
Dick walked about. The
men all went away to cheers
and left a time - William
gave the signal to be ready

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Kal is dingo, kal kal could be dingoes plural indicated through reduplication, but is more likely cicada.


Following page (97) contains a clearer copy.