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now the mountain
where Parker's Station
was. name Gūrojang
Have then Campaspe:
No many there only Bunjil.
at Daylesford all the
Ranges where wambat
are are [Kalk Kalk -crossed out] gal gal Bullŭk
- all wang.

Leaur gura balluk have
[3 languages - crossed out] speak Woiworŭng
only with a sharp accent
half Jajowrong half
Woiworŭng tribal sisters
of the Bullawangs
(9) all the mothers and

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the Bullawangs may be
tribal [fathers and uncles or older brothers - crossed out] uncles (Babak)
But in following the Krauan
& Bullawangs the old women
& old men ask where
did your grandfather
(paternal come) from) -

Thursday evening about
sundown the Tūtanarring were
placed in the ground
the Krauan behind them and
old Mary represented all the
mothers. [The men - crossed out] Jimmy Fidgett
waited with the boys as master of
the ceremonies. Old William +
Dick walked about. The
men all went away to cheers
and left a time - William
gave the signal to be ready

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