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They got over by coming in the big canoe
attended by a boy in small one who
turned back the other and so did laps.

Jirŭng = bough – Huh!

[Chart of burbung locations]
[Illustration of the sun] 6pm

(1) scene – Tedeling
(men) yeh! Wah-Yeh
[stick offering- crossed out]
(women) ya! qua -yeh!

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(3) Bullawang [?chorus?]
(4) yūī yūi-nga! [margin note: long drum]
raising up boys
by Bullawang
leave them over there.
The women hold up sticks with
boughs at end -
(5) then the same done
with the bullawang
one each -
Each Bullawang faces his
own country -
(6) laying down boys
He! (guttural) – Nge!
Leaves sprinkled over them.
Lie on back side by side
arm crossed on breast.
Covered all over with rugs

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