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Then gradually brought forward
- each covered by his blanket and
instructed to look towards fire and
nowhere else.
They then had a little breakfast given
them and were allowed to sleep while the
old men went to shoot a Kangaroo.

Up at [??] time- 3 camps - about of 20 head [??]
Big Joe, Larry, Jimmy [?and I?] remained to watch the boys.
About 10am McKay, Toby, Billy Bull, Billy Wood came.
At 11am the men returned unsuccessful.

Council in scrub.

At 1pm started out to hunt - three men
preparing the place for the next scene
moved the boys into a camp – see sketch.
When they sit up must do so covered up by blanket
and not stare about. Jimmy & Larry watching them
As Old William says, “it is like it [?Sundays?]" -
- at about 3pm Jimmy came back from
a visit to the men who were arranging the
next scene and said we were to take boys
up there.
[very faint till end of page]

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note the accounts of the Heroes
as the [??] at South Gippsland (1) who [??]
great [??] people in the fight and broke man's legs
with his hands - leaving them to be killed by his
followers. eg the old man at Rosedale (gov)
who [??] [??] old man [??] [??] [??]
and caught them with his hands.
eg old Bruthen Munji [??] [??] Brajerak
and held them till [??] men came out [??] them
eg The [??] champion

look about but to keep their eyes
on the ground. Then Lamby, Joe
and [??] [??]. Left boys [??]
[next 3 lines too faint to read]
wiht the Tŭndūn who were laying there
Then went back [??] brought
them with [rest of line too fiant]
they knelt down in a row [??]
[line too faint to read]
to hide his view [unable to read rest of line]
The Tŭndūn men [??] [??]
[??] sent at the [??] [??]

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