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twenty years apart - and [??]
[?] [?] T. plans proceeded until
formed a semicircle round the boys.
Boys [?] up; rugs took up [??] [??]
up - [rest of line too faint to read]
then down and the men [??] T.
Then [??] and same for [??] the other
whispers, Old Lamby + Billy Macleod
explaining laws to T.
Then boys induced to try them
Told that they are now no longer boys but
men + must leave boyish things
behind. [?Mundun?] + [?Bullroarer?] shown and
explained. Then Possum game
Then return to Initiation camp.

In evening, woman frightened.

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ngalowan = seal
RK. Conger eel - nooyang

white bellied - Lawdyang nooyang
conger eel

[written upside down on bottom of page]
two young men going to kill Emu
Bŭragin β centauri
Kūnŭndra α centauri
Souther x is Emu on nest

Kūkūbŭrra = Laughing Jackass
= corona Australis
Bidjerigang = a small
= star
probably in

Bŭrdidge = Dūra

Hunting cry yo!

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