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[William?] Says: see p.4 of p[???]
6 boy were made young men
7 ? men lifting him and
placing him in camp. Rubbing[?]
him with grass[?] and [?] saddle[?] and carry ? him with the mens costume
and take him to single mens camp.
The old men tell him not to eat
Emu, Conga[?], [squirril], [?]
porcupine, musk duck
until some one shoots it and was
it used given [?] and his
hand in a stick
Can eat possum, ringtail, [?]
wallaby, kangaroo, wombat and
Swan, Teal, all fish and eel
It is now when the boy has been
given[?] food at the single mens camp
[?] his father or [?] to take him
out at dark and

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[?] and says [?] our
Marmung ngata. Men are now getting to be
by and y[?] [?] [?] kill
Kangaroo like our fathers"
He then tells them the blackfellows

When a man is about [approaching middle age by - this is crossed out] 30-35
he is landed at some distinction
for a time[?] where two headmen are roasting an emu - by then
time tribemen [??] some find
and he names any [??]
in his back - saying ' it has
[?] [?]

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