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in Nulut the Bad ground
is called wia-wŭrk
the male is painted with
pipe clay thus [illustration]

the visitor is seated on a raised
couch of boughs - + fed by his
hosts - water out of bowl with
burnt stick

The knowledge of this [the men -crossed out] (according to William )
extends further than Swan Hill

visitor was also obliged to learn to speak
the dialect before he could go
further into the country.

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Billy’s song
mínyan būllūn ma nánanke
show belly to the moon

Last night men returned late with
wallaby – knocked up – Billy’s song
- at day break - got ready- the
Dūra scene – then more
painting – the Mrarts – the
boys stand – Old [?Barak?] addresses
them. Waiting for the steamer
– card playing – the [??] at [?umbrella?]
-the tiny little Jeraeil. The steamer
full of people.

Water ceremony
The vessel is a gillūng
made of wattlebark.

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