To Neerim
9 Feb 1901

Myrtaceae [underlined]

Back housea - myrtifolia.
[Crossed out - Calyx] [?llum?] [hel?] Eucalyptus
& Tristania
Calyx tubes [?] about
[Somer?] [?] with short soft
greyish hairlets. Leaves opposite not
on short stalk from almost the node to
[?] [?]by always acute
then secondary [?va?] [?]
[?]. Flowers in cymes. [Tubes?]
of the calyx [?] [?]
from ovate to elliptic - [leaves?] [?],
[?] under [?] long or up to [?] almost
orbicular petals. Fruits
[?] for [?] [?] -
Wood classgrand of a light yellow
colour and often marked with dark walnut

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much water layer was
must be given

Fagus cupulifera [underlined]
Leaves small, flat, crenulated
mostly glabrous; then lateral
venules faint. Leaves form
from ovate to orbicular - a
deltoid [?] [?];
[involcural?] tracts fringed;
staminate flowersmostly orbitery
[star?] several; fruit hanging
[calyx?] minutely lobedat the
[?]nut: fruits often triangular
than triangular -

Eucryphia moorei - Rosaceae [all underlined]
A tree finally rather tall, Leaflets
in 3 to 5 pairs, accompanied by a
terminal add one, mostly from oval to
to lanceolar eliptical; firm, flat

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