what did the Jajau
think od them. Why did
men not like them to be
killed. ---

(6) Did they ever hear of
men running down old
men Jira on foot - or other
men like Bruthen Munji?

(7) Ask [crossed out - major] Captain about
marirne Bek.

(8) What is the meaning
of Koyung-bort
Gardniers Ck.

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(9) Does William know
the Kurnai call the
bullroarer - shew him
a [churmya?].

Who is Miman-gurk
(10) Ask [crossed out - major] Captain about
[Jalathi?], muthi-muthi
Wathi wathi, Kuramin
- are Wembaio belonging
to one of them - which?

Then boundaries:
(11) Did the Ja-jau have
the būrbŭng?If not what?

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