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(12) Native name of: Ningūlabŭl
or nūng-qua-la-vol?
meaning? [underlined]

Capt. Turnbull?
Which were the boundaries of the
Kūrnŭng willum tribe? of which he
was the head man. Were they woewurŭng?
* native name of Benbow
see (19)
[ditto] [ditto] De Viliers
* meaning of "Yalūkŭt"-wilum

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(13) What was the tribe called
at coast at St Kilda
- the Yalūkūt-wilum -
were they Būnoorong?
"yes sea ante-already around

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(14) Were the gal-gal-balluk
part of the Jajowurung?

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(15) Which was the native name
of their ngŭrŭngaeta
King Bobbby?
Native name of Malcolm of the
Kri-balluk - Mt Blackwood

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(16) Do they know the Bangerang
or Banjerang?
half Kulin - Bunjil and Waang

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(17) Harry [??]?
or Stevens from Echuca
do they know him?

(18) Who was Bilibilery's father
who was of burned instead of being buried- why?

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(19) If Turnbull was Kūrnŭng willŭm
and not Woeworung - how did
he come to have charge of the quarry
[??] for all the Woeworung?
- Did he speak Woeworung?

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