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(20) was Bilibileri the
"maternal uncle" of
Berak - If not
what relation.

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Father burned
Bilibileri Turnbull sister
wife - sister Bunjil

Jack Weatherly - Bebejern


What does Bilibileri mean

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(21) re Stone Quarry
William says in one place
that Capt. Turnbull looked after it
and was therefore called Niūgūlabŭl
- at another place he says that
the country where it was belonged to
Bilibileri. His brother and the son
of his sister were co-occupiers with
him - Bebejern (Berak's father) was also
in this partnership. Bilibileri usually
lived at the quarry - when he went
away his sisters son went to mind it.
When neighbouring tribes wanted stone
they sent messengers to Billibileri +c

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The father of Bilibilery's "nephew" was
next in authority to Capt. Turnbull.
The East half of Mt Macedon belonged to the
Urunjeri - the west half belonged to the
Kŭrnung willŭm who extended to Daylesford
& Bullarook.

Were the Kŭrnŭng willum - Woeworung
or Jajaworung? -
How could Turnbull have a
share in the Quarry?

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