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(22) Bilibileri was the husband
of Berak's father's mother's
sister - therefore the (tribal) husband
of Berak's father's mother, therefore
Berak's paternal grandfather.

Father's, mother's sister - malandja
[crossed out - husb]
Fath. moth's husband - breng-Kūrūng,
see (20)
Is this so?

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(23) Names of Batman chiefs
Jagajaga - ( Jacky Jacky)
Yan Yan
[crossed out - mow] Moo-whip

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(24) what is the meaning
of the name
ngŭrŭng geeta?

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(25) Headman in the
tribes known to Captain

Wembaio - Tatati - Muthi Muthi-
Wotte Wotte, Keramin

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(26) What do they call the
man "beside" the Ngurungaete
like "mate" - or "partner" ?

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(27) What did they call Bebejan's
part of the Wūrŭnjeri clan - and
what did they call Billibileri's part - both
being Boi-berrit-thun-willam?

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Stephen Morey

Note that 'Father's mother's husband' is usually the same as 'father's father'. It may be that this meant to say 'Father's mother's sister's husband'