to express Blacks as opposed to
Loorn white man. (bye the bye
it would be difficult to determine
how the idea of a white man
came amongst them.) I think
when a Black wanted to express
his own people he would say
Wraktun Kani. Men of this
country, or even Mac Kani
the real Blacks. [added note: Kurnai means man not Blackfellow]

King Charley tells me they
did not consider the Twofold
Blacks as Brajerack
but as Kroatungolong. The
Snowy River + Bem men seem
to have had intercourse with

Charley tells me they got
wives from Maneroo both by
stealth + as free gifts
there was no law against them
having wives from that quarter

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only when true love? existed
between a couple + they could
not get the consent of parents
or guardians. They always
continued to elope and marry
themselves. I believe the
elopement business was the
most common form of marriage
as it was always a most
difficult thing to get the
consent of the friends of the
woman. There was generally
some hitch in the arrangements
so they simplified matters
matters [sic] in that way

Billy Tuleba you will see
by the Table got his from
the Lakes Entrance among the
Bul Butta

With kind regards to Mrs Howitt
+ your family in which Mrs Bulmer
joins. I remain
faithfully yours
John Bulmer

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