Jany 15 1879

My dear Mr Fison

I send you Bulmer's
letter which will interest you
I think a short note somewhere
as to what King Charley says about
the Twofold Bay men will be
interesting and will fit in your
theory. I also send you some more
data to complete or make less incomplete
Table A. Also the sketch maps of
Gippsland. I shall see what I
can do as to your large map but
I fear - I fear !

In haste
Your siny
AW Howitt

I have marked Charlotte Waters on it.

[written in small print on bottom left side of page]
I send small atlas by post
Please look at it and then tell
me exactly what I shall note
upon the map of Australia
which I will illustrate when you
return me this atlas and your
AWH 20/1/79

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