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Coranderrk 9/10/97 Information given by Berak and Dick Richards.

46 Did not know Warrigal Bon-[?dape?] Willam mimamet-willam Marine-willam

Bāt-but - moving bird ? Yarra-yat [nan-ngerra - crossed out] miner

Uillam eck


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War-in Koim (Kangaroo) ask W. will you eat me stop will you?

W. says No! I am going to lie down this way (leaning over) K. says it is a wet day today - too much rain - we are wet and should dry our skins. W. then said I will lie down on this side (leaning over the other way) - K. getting cold - took his - moreing (skin [??]) and [??] tail off W. - who got up and with a long stick [??] struck it with him so that he has had a tail ever since.

Kurburu (N Bear) No one gave him any wattle gum (gurrŭng) [then he would bring- crossed out] [me some water - and they brought- crossed out] the other people got water + gum round its [??] + drank it. K. was very wild.

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next day all the people went out hunting, looking for gum and K get all their tamŭks - fill them with water and put them all into a hole of a tree.

All the people came back and looked about, said who took my tarmŭk? each said I do not know I have lost my tarmŭk too!

Then they saw up a tree Kurburu with all the Tarmŭks - this tree that grew up from the ground. K. said - what you fellas looking for - They want [??] come down with the water. K. said get your tomahawks + climb up yourselves

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Their women said we have got no water - you go up that big tree for it. Then they climbed up K. looked down at him - he was half way up - + took the water + emptied one Tarmuk over the Blackfellow - who went down. Then another climb up K. again capsized water over him - both men were killed by falling down. The N wind carried a smell to Mamingata - he walked along smelling the wind - + he saw the bodies lying under the tree. He looked up - + said give me a drink of water. - K. said you come for it. M said all right! - M than went home, + got two young men

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Tadjeri + Turnung + took them to the tree, + said you go up this tree. [He - crossed out] They got up another tree to practice one each side - [when K the water down - crossed out] and practised bending aside as if K was throwing water down on them.

Up the tree there was Kŭrng nests on the tree they cut a hole in from each side + took the eggs of Kŭrng + cast them down to Mamingata then went up tree where water was Then one each side went up and as K heard the chopping he looked down - one was very close to him he

[written in left side margin] Kŭrng [?large?] ant

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took a tarmuk + poured the water down at him - but he bent aside and it went under his arm without hurting him - the other fellow was still going up very close to Kwho poured the water down + it went under his arm. Then he tried to pour water over the other - and the other kept climbing up K. sate down in the fork high up - + the two fellows were drinking the water At that K was frightened - + they killed him with their tomahawk.

Then they said we will go down again -

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Then something split the tree from the fork down to the ground + the two sides bending over Tadgery on one side + Turnung on the other reached the ground and everbody could then get plenty of water.

[old - crossed out] mŭnde-gorŭk old woman was crying - where are they - every one gone away wants to kill some one Tadgery + Turnung they all gone that way pointing out a direction You go that way pointing

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to a big cave. T ran one way + Tadjery ran the other + when she went in they got boughs + burned her up.

Barm barm guruk WotjoBalluk

Binbeal is the Rainbow + makes rain - William believes he is Bunjil's son

Wotjo Binbeal - big fellow up there

Kokom = Mopoke

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8 Eucalypts

Wurindil wŭrn-dil Sharpstones at Cape Schanck put there by Mangata to stop the sea. Dividing Marine bay + Colak [thun- crossed out] jūn the other side.

The old people say that [there - crossed out] [was a big fish in the - crossed out] Mang-alin put a lot of Thŭndal in the Estuaries at the heads to prevent big fish like whales or sharks to come in and hurt people.

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