Koim (Kangaroo) ask W.
will you eat me stop will you?

W. says No! I am going to lie down
this way (leaning over) K. says
it is a wet day today - too much
rain - we are wet and should dry
our skins. W. then said I will
lie down on this side (leaning over the
other way) - K. getting cold - took
his - moreing (skin [??])
and [??] tail off W. - who got up
and with a long stick [??] struck
it with him so that he has had
a tail ever since.

Kurburu (N Bear)
No one gave him any wattle gum
(gurrŭng) [then he would bring- crossed out]
[me some water - and they brought- crossed out]
the other people got water +
gum round its [??] + drank
it. K. was very wild.

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next day all the people went
out hunting, looking for gum
and K get all their tamŭks
- fill them with water and put
them all into a hole of a

All the people came back and
looked about, said who took my
tarmŭk? each said I do not know
I have lost my tarmŭk too!

Then they saw up a tree
Kurburu with all the Tarmŭks
- this tree that grew up from the
ground. K. said - what you fellas
looking for - They want [??] come
down with the water. K. said
get your tomahawks + climb
up yourselves

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