Their women said we have got
no water - you go up that big tree
for it. Then they climbed up -
K. looked down at him - he was
half way up - + took the water
+ emptied one Tarnuk over
the Blackfellow - who went down.
Then another climb up -
K. again capsized water over
him - both men were killed
by falling down. The N wind
carried a smell to Mamingata
- he walked along smelling the
wind - + he saw the bodies lying
under the tree. He looked up
- + said give me a drink of
water. - K. said you come
for it. M said all right!
- M than went home,
+ got two young men

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Tadjeri + Turnung
+ took them to the tree,
+ said you go up this tree.
[He - crossed out] They got up another tree to practice one each
side - [when K the water down - crossed out]
and practised bending
aside as if K was throwing water
down on them.

Up the tree there was Kŭrng
nests on the tree they cut a hole
in from each side + took the
eggs of Kŭrng + cast them
down to Mamingata -
then went up tree where water was
Then one each side went up
and as K heard the chopping he
looked down - one was
very close to him he

[written in left side margin]
[?large?] ant

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