took a tarmuk + poured the
water down at him - but
he bent aside and it went
under his arm without hurting
him - the other fellow was still
going up very close to K
who poured the water down
+ it went under his arm.
Then he tried to pour water
over the other - and the other
kept climbing up
K. sate down in the fork
high up - + the two fellows
were drinking the water
At that K was frightened
- + they killed him with their

Then they said we will
go down again -

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Then something split the
tree from the fork down
to the ground + the two
sides bending over Tadgery
on one side + Turnung on
the other reached the ground
and everbody could then
get plenty of water.

[old - crossed out] mŭnde-gorŭk
old woman was crying - where are
they - every one gone away
wants to kill some one
Tadgery + Turnung they all gone
that way pointing out a direction
You go that way pointing

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