give it to me I will cook it
Wang cooked the possum and
give it to B. + Wang went
back to the stump.
B. looked at the possum
+ blew it to make the
fire blaze up - but only
smoke came. Waang
lookng in said, [?Bitta ne?]
[?Bitta ne Batta ne?] (out
out out) Bunjil [??]
again - only smoke came

Then Bunjil eats the

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Then all the Blackfellows
mopoke (Kokum), Curlew
+c came up [??]
out, and the crow took
the fire and threw it at
them to burn them.

KÅ«rok-gom a
little Bird with red over
his tail (building nest of grass
in bushes) caught some
of the fire and put it on
his tail + ran off with

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