To Moe November 9/97

In the gum tree - the leaves in the
lower branches [??] are brod lanceolar - to lanceolar-ovate
but in the extreme end of the upper
branches the leaves are long lanceolar, or falcate
Scattered on some of the extreme twigs
on other apparently an appendagement
+ in some with a pair of terminal leaves
indicating a further intermediate shoot
sample 7
[Large - crossed out] Gum trees have
the smaller branches smooth
and brown - of terminal shoots

Sample 7
Gum tree branch
the smaller branches are smooth
and born on terminal shoots

See also collection of fruits

At this date there are buds well formed
for bloom probably about xmas or new year
Some trees appear to have flowers
about July - to judge from the fruit

To Moe Nov 9/97

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Berwick to
[??] on Flats E. Gunii.
Banfield on flats E. Gunii - on creek bank. E. [??] on
higher ground + ridge E. Gunii + E. amygi (or L)
there E. Amyg - preponderate except on ridges
Officer there are level low lying clay flats with E. Gunii
[??] [??] E. Gunii on all low lying banks where timbered
Pakenham but where there is a rise E. [??] makes its
Nar Nar Goon there the same
Tynong The same and at Tynong there are
the first hills coming into the [??] some E. Obliqua
and E. pulverulenta appear also
Garfield To here a few E. gunii in [??] place
on ridge. E. amyg ([??]) E. obliqua E. pulv.
Bunyip The same to here - but then appear to be
also some E. [??] ?
Langwarrin E. gunii on rising ground E. [??]
E. [pulv.?] some E amygdalina
to [to Bunyip P- crossed out] Drouin timber [such?] at about
[??] E. [??] E. [??] E. capitellata

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E. amygi = Euc. amygdalina
E. gunii should be E. gunnii