Left Column:

and Malukra. She had been
promised to him when he
was young and given to him
on arriving at age. Malukra
was a member of the tribe
living at Tapio on the Darling
+ Nauithero belonged to the
junction of the Darling. I
dare say the Tapio people
were but a division of the
same tribe.
About marriage by capture
I may state that should
a man have taken a woman
he would not be allowed to
marry her unless the she was
of the same class [sic]. A man
would as soon think of
marrying was his own sister
as to take a woman
of the same class.

Right Column:

I remember when I first went
among the Murray blacks. One
of the young men attached himself
to me, he said he we must
be brothers as he has a
Milparra man. I was of course
to be the same. I one day
said to his wife I was John's
brother you are my sister
the idea to her was most
ridiculous. With a laugh
she said no you are my
husband, this shews how
strict they were to keep up
class rules and also that
they would never allow
even a captive maiden
to take a man of her
own class.
About the words you
send, the first you gave
Tarra wurka or

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