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male of any kind, and the
Kulong is merely expressive of
a male, so the word altogether
will mean men of the east
when they intend women they
say Kroatun Worcut or
Yactun Worcut, women of the
east or the west as the
case may be. Blacks I find
always speak distinctly as
to genders. They speak of
Brajeracks & Lowajeracks
they seem to have no word
equal to our Mankind to
express men & women but
men are spoken of separately
and so are the women.
This I think you may safely
take as the true meaning
of Kroatunkolong or its

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You ask if I refer to the Kurnai when I speak of
a lot of men sitting around a rude figure
of a man on the ground and singing some
one who is is obnoxious to them. This only
refers to the Kurnai. I do not remember
if the Waimbio did so.

With kind regards to Mrs Howitt in which
Mrs Bulmer joins
I remain
faithfully yours
John Bulmer

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