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Lake Tyers 11/3/04

A.W. Howitt Esqre

Dear Mr Howitt

I have made enquiry about
the Jaak of the blacks and find Billy the Bull
is very obscure on the subject. I would certainly
advise you not to alter your first impression
as I feel sure Billy as he tells me did not tell
you the exact state of affairs Matter of fact he now
tells me that Yelmire was not his father's Jaak but
the reason he was called by that name was
because he once dreamed about a Yelmire
and made a song about it. I think many of these
songs were the result of dreams. I remember
once an old man on the Murray made such a
song, it was
Thoopu Nappu
Karo Kara
Murla Rintee

That is I was carried to another country on

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Stephen Morey

Note. The text of the song on page 1 is also found in the Bulmer paper, XM922 p21 and in the Howitt Papers, SLV Box 1054/2 (a).