Lake Tyers 11/3/84

A.W. Howitt Esq

Dear Mr Howitt

I have made enquiry about
the Jaak of the blacks and find Billy the Bull
is very obscure on the subject. I would certainly
advise you not to alter your past information
as I feel sure Billy as he tells me did not tell
you the exact state of affairs [Instead? ......] he now
tells me that Yelmire was not his father's Jaak but
the reason he was called by that name was
because he once dreamed about a Yelmire
and made a song about it. I think many of the
songs were the result of dreams. I remember
once an old man on the Murray made such a
song, it was
Thoopu Nappu
Karo Koora
Murla Rintee

That is it was carried to another country on

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Stephen Morey

Note. The text of the song on page 1 is also found in the Bulmer paper, XM922 p21 and in the Howitt Papers, SLV Box 1054/2 (a).