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the other side other Murray. So I expect Yelmire's connection with
the Shark arose from the same cause.
With regard to the men having a Jaak they say some of them
have birds which give notice when the person is coming.
For instance if the Gleean were to make a noise they would
say so + so is coming, and at the Jerail they would only
be intimate with those who had the same bird, and
at play of Dilk (the pouch of the old man Kangaroo made
into a ball) Then they would only throw to the person
of the same Jaak. Mr Colin Hood though he was a
Jallan would also have a bird to announce his coming
At the same time Billy tells me they have only the
Yarang + Djeetgang all the men are Yarang + the
women the opposite.
I had a talk with Harry he tells me something
quite opposite to this. I give you the result of my

[left hand column]
Kerlip Tom
Wife Tambun
Daughter Glean
[?marries a Lewin?]
Eagle hawk.

[middle column]
Bunjil Barlijan
Wife Kine (bream)
Daughter Barlijan

[right hand column]
Old Dan
Bunjil Tambun
Marran kind of Perch
Child Tambun

Notes and Questions

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I think that the word for 'ball' should be transcribed as Dilk. This follows Campbell who also used this letter in his book of Bulmer transcriptions.


It may be that
Mirrian[?] Bewin
Eagle hawk.
refers to some other kinship relationship. Bewin is given as 'osprey' in one of the Bulmer sources