the other side other Murray. So I expect Yelmire's connection with
the Shark arose from the same cause.
With regard to the men having a Jaak they say some of them
have birds which give notice when the person is coming.
For instance if the Gleean were to make a noise they would
say so + so is coming, and at the Jerail they would only
be intimate with those who had the same bird, and
at play of Dilk (the pouch of the old man Kangaroo made
into a ball) Then they would only throw to the person
of the same Jaak. Mr Colin Hood though he was a
Jallan would also have a bird to announce his coming
At the same time Billy tells me they have only the
Yarang + Djeetgang all the men are Yarang + the
women the opposite.
I had a talk with Harry he tells me something
quite opposite to this. I give you the result of my

[left hand column]
Kerlip Tom
Wife Tambun
Daughter Glean
[?marries a Lewin?]
Eagle hawk.

[middle column]
Bunjil Barlijan
Wife Kine (bream)
Daughter Barlijan

[right hand column]
Old Dan
Bunjil Tambun
Marran kind of Perch
Child Tambun

Notes and Questions

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Stephen Morey

I think that the word for 'ball' should be transcribed as Dilk. This follows Campbell who also used this letter in his book of Bulmer transcriptions.

Stephen Morey

It may be that
Mirrian[?] Bewin
Eagle hawk.
refers to some other kinship relationship. Bewin is given as 'osprey' in one of the Bulmer sources