[left hand colum]

King Charley
Burra eel
Wife Waljan (opossum)
child Burra

[right hand column]

Noyang Eel
wife Billing Salmon

I give these instances just as Harry gave them
at the same time the rest say they acknowledge
nothing but Yarang & Djeetgang. Do you think
this Y & D are the two divisions having
other divisions as the Macquara + Kilparra
even the animals are divided into totems
and a man though he was a Macquara
could be a [Kangaro - crossed out] Kawellarru or
a Kilparra could be a Kangaroo rat. I should
be inclined to think so. Of course Billy the Bull
really does not know much about these matters.
though he does insist there is only the two
divisions and that all men are Yarang
and all women Djeetgang.
I had a long talk with Colin Hood as to
idea of a Supreme Being and he tells me
his name of their God is Bingyal and
that they call him Father & Brother

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