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Omeo Maneroo
Yaitmatang Bemang.gal Waimbio

My Wife Maandu Maandu Nongy
My mothers sister Maandu Maandu ---------
Wife's Brother's Wife Kallan Kallan ------------
Brother's Wife Mangarung Mangarung ------------
Husband Maandu Maandu Maali
Husband's Brother Mangarung Mangarung
Husband's Sisters
Husband Jemogang Jemogang

Sister's Husband Marrian Marrian
Elder Brother Dejung Dejung Kackweak
Younger Brother Kookong Kookong Perlweak
Elder Sister Namang
Younger Sister Kallan Kallan Katagga or *Kattarri

*This sound is pronounced with a Northumbrian burr so that g largely represents the sound it is sounded first as the Geordies would sound if it were written r in it.

Notes and Questions

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Stephen Morey

This page needs to be reorganized. The spacing looks OK in the Transcribe View, but not in overview.
Also all of these terms should be added as kinship terms


Does anybody know where there date attributed to this document comes from? Is this document part of the letter contained in XM84 of the same date i.e. 6 July 1880?


Hi Corey, it is possible that the date has come from XM84 (given a couple of similar terms on the two pages) and that they are meant to have gone together. This and XM84 are Museums Victoria documents and the information in their records has the date 6 July 1880 for this document (which was then replicated here), but no information about XM97's relationship to XM84, or if these two documents are from the same letter and why they may have been separated within the museum's archives. This could reflect how the papers were received or some usage before they were recorded within the Museum's catalogue. Mary Morris, from the Museum, may be able to help as she has extensive knowledge of the Howitt papers in the Museum's collection.


Thanks Amanda