wife he would claim her [but?] if not he
would have to run off with one if he could not
find a friend to get him a wife. The fact is a[?]
man who had a sister or two could always
get a wife as he could exchange but in
case he had no one to exchange he would
have to win the heart of some rather[?] beauty
and go off with her.

9. The custom of keeping particular food for
the old men was only observed at the making
of young men. They then preserved the
porcupine female kangaroo or any female
animal. These would not be touched by
the young men till they had gone through
their probation.

10. In cases of blood food the Blacks would
not be particular what member of the
tribe they caught. but they would always
prefer to get the real criminal.
In case of a supposed death by bulk they
would try the same means to bulk the
person who did it. But in case of
regular murder they would have revenge
upon the tribe as it would be difficult
to get the right man *

I will shortly send you answers to the rest
of your questions. you need not fear if
tiring me as I will always be ready to
assist you as far as I can.
With kind regards to Mrs Howitt & Miss

I remain
faithfully yours

John Bulmer

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