1 Sometimes the Kroathun had a wife given by
the Twofold Bay tribe if they were friendly to him
but sometimes he would run away.
2 The Twofold Bay Blacks were called
Waral meaning belonging to a country in
3 the east a long way off. They were looked
upon as Brajeraks
4 King Charley's first wife was a woman from
a tribe near the Murray somewhere near Albury.
5 She was a widow and he came off with her
from Maneroo.
6 His second wife was a Brabralung he ran
off with her from Lake Tyers she being in
widowhood at the time. His first wife did not
go with them but stayed with another person
at Lake Tyers. She and the second wife
had continual quarrels.
8 The first wife never likes her husband to take
a second. She generally shows fight for some
time in fact there is continual jealousy.
9 Cases often happened where her friends agree[?]
in such a case in the giving of a sister to
him in case he could not get his way
he would certainly recommend her to run
off with her sister if the sister was in the
same mind but if not of course it would
drop. But should it seem that the
Father & Brother agreed to give a girl
away the girl's consent would not be
asked. She would be given at once &
to insure obedience would receive some
punishment if required. They generally
had a bit of a fight at a wedding as there
was said[?] to be some who objected, perhaps
the mans own friends might make a row[?]

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