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[Handwritten on yellow lined paper]


imbue [strikethrough: keep alive] in him an insightful view of his ^ own African world. He wanted
to keep alive inside that spark of creativity which reflected the
continuous flow of ideas from an ancient culture to the modern [strikethrough: culture] world.
This he has been able to do with a sense of joy and ^ with clarity; the like
of which goes unmatched by any other artist of his genre.
That his ^ art has been able to bridge the cultural gap between
two seperate and distinct worlds; the ancient culture
of the Rift Valley [strikethrough: culture], the oldest known to mankind, and that
of modern man is a credit to the genius of those ^ Skunder and to those people who [strikethrough: came]
inspired the ancient Greeks to [strikethrough: praise] hear words of praise
upon the children of Ethopia [?] burnt faces.

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