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do a series of portraits of the men of the State Legislature
of 1846 but he was unable to complete the project
after the owener of THE BEE died. Lion did a series of small
lithographs as studies ^ [for the Portraits] of the legislators which are presently
located in the Historic New Orleans Collection. The most
celebrated work by the artist is said to be [strikethrough: the] his PORTRAIT OF
JOHN J. AUDUBON, the famous mulatto naturalist and illustrator of ornithology, in the collection
of the Louisiana State Museum. The City Directory lists Lion
as a portrait painter in 1860 living at 439 St. Claude. In
1866, he is listed in Gardner"s City Directory as having residency
at 175 Frenchman Street. Later in the same year, THE BEE carried the following account
of his death: [strikethrough: the same year]

"Died yesterday at 3:30 o'clock in the
morning, Jules Lion, at the age of 56
years, native of France. The wake is
being held at ... 507 St Jean Baptiste St,,
between Francis and Union. Friends and acquaintes
of his wife, also those of his brother-in
law, Rufi Lambert and Alphonse Munoz, are
invited to assist at his burial at 3:30 P.M." 18

18 NEW ORLEANS BEE, January 10, 1866

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