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Claude Clark

For the Brady Paper

Mary B. Brady

Mutual friend -- earned place in history
worked in the interest of the underdog -- as with
Barnes Foundation -- First saw her after
having an exh at Bonestelle St. Gallery (NYC) 1945.
Some thought them too religious -- Clark
went to 140 Nassau St. Went to her office --
usual greetings -- Examined his catalogue --
offered to help him. Dispatch a photographer
up to the Gallery to record the show. Thus
began a long lasting friendship. "In her
heyday, she was rapid-fire like a machine gun --
rarely did one get a word in" yet she
listened in between her continuous thought.

She was curious about Clark's visit and studies at the
Barnes Foundation. She spoke of herself in simply
terminology "I feel like a mother hen sitting on 18
eggs when I should be sitting on 9 or 10 or maybe
less." Tell her throughout the day every creative thing
you think about during the day -- a given day --
Programed one often -- If you could write a
blank ticket or sign a Blank check -- what
would it be?" Wanted to place Black American
art into Mainstream Galleries -- Museums. As
early as the 20s, Ms. B. placed African-American
artists work out there. Providing, through
her archives collected, a springboard into
the future. Probing to make sure that
the record was accurate.

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