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C. Clark

In the 1960s, when she closed down the Foundation,
the idea was to place 1' call & Archiv where
they would be research material and a source
of inspiration that the wld wd' know about.
Museum of Modern Art - offered Wm. H. Johnson -
but she was rebuffed - She noted "they can
always get around you somehow." Smithsonian did
accept many of the works -- particularly the
Wm H. Johnson Collection.

Palmer Hayden wz down th at th time. She
did not always get along well w/ women. She told
of Mrs. Hayden preventing publication of the series
in portfolio form ( ("John Henry Series") She thought
of it as a great piece of American folklore.
Dictaphone - her companion - (A Brady Phone)
140 Nassau - last visit there (cc) in 1966 - later
had dinner w/ Brady & Evelyn Brown (Cl. & children)
She said she was 76 in 1966 - (Now) She
said she never wanted a biography written
of her. (Ruth Waddy attempted it) She did not
like being recorded with electronic devices.
Bang on table throughout a recording Son Claude
attempted to do in (76.) Upbringing - father -
service - other wored - service She received -- (Bang on Table)

Wrote - She didn't want the artists
to forget her after she left the Fndtn.
2 people wanted to keep in touch:
David Driskell & Claude Clark.

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