MS01.05.00 - Box 07 - Folder 14 - Clark, Claude - Correspondence, 1990-1998, undated






C. Clark

In the 1960s, when she closed down the Foundation, the idea was to place 1' call & Archiv where they would be research material and a source of inspiration that the wld wd' know about. Museum of Modern Art - offered Wm. H. Johnson - but she was rebuffed - She noted "they can always get around you somehow." Smithsonian did accept many of the works -- particularly the Wm H. Johnson Collection.

Palmer Hayden wz down th at th time. She did not always get along well w/ women. She told of Mrs. Hayden preventing publication of the series in portfolio form ( ("John Henry Series") She thought of it as a great piece of American folklore. Dictaphone - her companion - (A Brady Phone) 140 Nassau - last visit there (cc) in 1966 - later had dinner w/ Brady & Evelyn Brown (Cl. & children) She said she was 76 in 1966 - (Now) She said she never wanted a biography written of her. (Ruth Waddy attempted it) She did not like being recorded with electronic devices. Bang on table throughout a recording Son Claude attempted to do in (76.) Upbringing - father - service - other wored - service She received -- (Bang on Table)

Wrote - She didn't want the artists to forget her after she left the Fndtn. 2 people wanted to keep in touch: David Driskell & Claude Clark.

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Led us a long way in helping to keep the archives. She has earned this place in history and history won't forget her. Had words with Locke on his death bed -- wds. she could have kept to herself. She was about reaching the broader section of humanities -- (What is fine art?) She had her own definition of what it is. She opened up the doors to the African artists as well as the African American artist. She had this drive -- burning interest throughout her life. She wrote in profusion. Many pages.

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