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their use before the desired results are obtained, they expend the
money without benefit to themselves, and the reputation of the
medicines is injured thereby. We cannot too strongly impress
upon the minds of invalid readers the importance, in the treat-
ment of all chronic diseases, of keeping the bowels free and regular.
When Discovery taken alone does not accomplish this purpose,
Pleasant Purgative Pellets should be taken in small laxative doses
with it. They are not only laxative or strongly cathartic, accord-
ing to the size of the dose taken, but they are also powerfully alterative,
or blood-cleansing. Most other laxatives or cathartics are incom-
patible with Golden Medical Discovery, and must not be used with
it; but the Pellets act in perfect harmony with the Discovery, and
powerfully assist it in its curative effects. You can save largely
if you will buy the Discovery and Pellets by the half-dozen or
dozen bottles. In many of the Blood Diseases mentioned above,
this amount of medicine will be necessary to effect a perfect cure
and leave the system thorouhly purified and strengthened.
Scrofula.- Hon. R. V. PIERCE, M. D.: Dear Sir- my son, who has
been suffering from extensive ulcerations upon his legs, com-
menced to improve at once upon using the Golden Medical Dis-
covery. They are now entirely healed, and he is in robust health.
I am your friend, most thankfully, L. S. SMITH, Chester, Pa.
Face Swollen out of Shape. Cured.- St. Elmo, Illinois.- R. V.
PIERCE, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.: I wish to add my testimony to the
wonderful curative properties of your Alt. Ext, or Golden Medi-
cal Discovery. I have taken great interest in this medicine since
I first used it. I was bdly afflicted with dyspepsia, liver deranged
and an almost perfect prostration of the nervous system. So
rapid and complete did the Discovery effect a perfect cure that it
seemed more like magic, and was a perfect wonder to myself, and
since that time we have never been without a bottle of the Dis-
covery and Purgative Pellets in the house. They are a solid, sound
family physician in the house, and ready at all times to fly to the
relief of sickness - without charge. We have never had a doctor in
the house since we first began the use of your Pellets and Discovery.
I have recommended the use of these medicines in several severe
and complicated cases arising from, as I thought, an impure state
of the blood, and in no one case have they failed to more than
accomplish all they are claimed to do. I will only mention one as
remarkable (though I could give you dozens). HENRY KOSTER,
furniture dealer, of this place, who was one of the most pitiful
objects ever seen, his face swollen out of shae, scales and erup-
tions without end, extending to his body, which it completely
covered the blotches and scales. Nothing that he took seemed to
affect it a particle. I finally induced him to try a few bottles of the
Golden Medical Discovery, with daily use of the Pellets, assuring
him it would surely cure him. He commenced its use some six
weeks since, taking two Pellets each night for a week, then one
each night, and the Discovery as directed. The result is, to-day
his skin is perfectly smooth, and the scaly eruptions are gone. He
has taken some seven or eight bottles in all, and considers himself
cured. This case had baffled the skill of our best physicians.
Messrs. DUNFORD & CO., druggists of this place, are selling largely
of your medicines and the demand steadily increases, and they
give perfect satisfaction in every case. Respectfully,
W. H. CHAMPLIN, Agt. Am. Exp. Co.
"A Drop of Joy In Every Word." - Flemington, Hunterdon, Co.,
N. J.- Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. Y.: Dear Sir- It is with a
happy heart that I pen these lines to acknowledge that you and
your Golden Medical Discovery and Purgative Pellets are bless-
ings to the world. These medicines cannot be too highly praised,
for they have almost brought me out of the grave. Three months
ago I was broken out with large ulcers and sores on my body, limbs,
and face. I procured your Golden Medical Discovery and Purga-
tive Pellets, and have taken six bottles, and to-day I am in good
health, all those ugly ulcers having healed and left my skin in a
natural healthy condition. I thought at one time I could not be
cured. Although I can but poorly express my gratitude to you,

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