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__ Killed hogs 12th mo 20th - - - Boiled 12
heads made fifty two mince pies -


1st mo 30th went down to Sharon to pay
visit Staid till 2nd mo 8th
__Killed Beef 2nd mo 8th 672 lb __ -
Sister went Alexandria 2nd 11th
Uncle Joseph arrived 1st mo 29th
Dipped candles 2nd mo
Let Hen in the Well House 2nd mo 22nd
Brother C went to Alexa. 2nd mo 20th
Anna Farquhar & Patty Brooke came
2nd mo 20th Mary Briggs came 2nd mo
26th 18]= Killed Sow 2nd mo 26th
weighed 247 1/2 lbs ------ 3rd 5th Roger Brookes

Was weighed 2nd mo 28th - 120 lbs
Margt 127 lb - Mother 139 - Brother
C - 149 - Rendered Sara 2nd mo ___

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