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Mother & Margt returned from
Alex 19th 4th mo
Ploughed the Garam 4th mo 22nd
Put on the first pot soap 4th mo 21st
Planted my onions 5th mo 3rd
Planted peas 4th 29th Finished
Gardening 4th mo 30th ----
Eliza Farquhar sick last week
__ 4th mo -
Aunt Mary Stabler died 4th
mo 28th -- Aunt Sallies Janney
5th mo 1st
Commenced house cleaning
5th mo 3rd ---
Put Cow in Pasture 5th mo 5th [deleted: 4th]
[deleted: Was Weighed 5th mo 4th & th]
Moved in new ______ 5th mo 5th
Lina front room clean _____
closet 5th 6th
Moved Stores out 8th mo 12th
Turkey hen hatched 5th 12th

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