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January. 1898.

Sat. 1st Windy and cold.
New Years Day. Immediately after break-
fast Father and Mother drove over to Brooke
ville to take the butter sending it to town in
the creamery wagon. They came home by
Olney and brought the mail. Aunt Eliza
feeling badly, and did not come down till
dinner time. Uncle Dr. and Charlie call-
ed. In the afternoon Mr. Chichester came.
and after tea Father and Mother walked up
to Mr. Machalle. the little baby is very ill
with pneumonia. I made ginger cake.

Sun. 2. Cold.
Father, Mother and Auntie Brooke went to
Meeting to cousin Joe [Stabler??] to dinner, and
to Mr. J. T. Moo[?] to call. Aunt Eliza and
I worked about read and wrote. Agnes left
right after dinner and we were all alone for
a while. How much I miss my dear
Cissy these days that we were to spend to-
gether, -- no one can know -- and how can
she come home some where else? A quiet
evening reading and writing.

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