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January 1898.
[left margin: Tues. 11th. Dark & Cloudy.]
Ed took potatoes to town. Harriet here
washing. Father went to Uncle Jimie,
and about 11. To Gaithersburg. Charlie
came over for milk, and brought a note.
Sister called us up from home, on their
own telephone - so glad it is mnoved.
Aunt Eliza and I went to Auburn to
[illegible] for the night. Mother mending
broken china.

[left margin: Wedn. 12th Cloudy & treatening]
Churned. George rode down for the mail at
dinner time. I left Homewoodd early, after a nice
visit. Edith and Elsie Ebbrey spent the evening,
and I enjoyed the music so much. Went
to the Insurance Office at 8.30 and worked
until 10.45. All the same girls there, and we
earned $1.94. Took dinner at --- Auburn,
and Aunt E. and I came home night after.
Mr. Fisher here fixing clock. Ed came from
town, brought my wheel from Olney. Heard of
Mr. Sheppard Hermans' death in N.Y.

[left margin: Thurs. 13th Cloudy & Cleared later]
Nellie telephoned early that Uncle Gran-
ville had been taken sick in the night.
Father, Mother and I went down right
away. Found him relieved. Mother stay-
ed there, and Father and I went on to "The
House". he stayed to dinner, and I stayed
all night. Mother walked home. We had
three callers. Mr & Mrs. Boyden & Mrs. Pars-
ley. a pleasant evening. Dr. Green un-

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