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January 1898.

Mon. 17th. Clear & beautiful.

Ed. went to town with potatoes. Quiet
morning no one here after dinner Sister
and Annie walked over for a little while.
and Mother and I went part way home
with them. No mail all day.

Tues. 18th. Clear & glorious

Mother stirred round [lively?] and made nice
biscuit, and at [ten?] she and I started off,
heavily laden with bundles and baskets, for
"The House". Poor Barney was lame, and
the road bad, so we had a wearisome ride.
Stayed to a nice little dinner with Sadie and
Brother Frank, and then she went on with
me, drove into Longwood, then on to Mindon &
Mt. Olney to call. Met Cousin Lou at Olney,
who took Sister home. Father went to [Aat-]
land to call. In the eve I helped Mrs. Hogan
through with an [Insurancer] message!! -
Mr. Ben. Butterworth died, in Georgia.

Wedn. 19th. Cloudy. rained.

Mother and I [sewed?] and wrote and
read. Sent letters to mail, by Charlie.
Blew the horn at 12. For Sister, but she
could not hear it. In the afternoon, Father
and I drove to Olney, on several errands.
Saw Dr. Green. I read over "Uncle Tom's
Cabin" - What a harrowing book!-

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