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January, 1898

Sat. 22nd Dark and rainy.

Father and the men plowing and
hauling in fodder. Mother cooking,
and I swept a good deal of the house
over, and made a pie. important
and exciting entry that what would
Mr. Barry say? Ed. came late,
brought the mail. If only the bad
weather won't keep Sister and Brother away!

Sun. 23rd A beautifully clear day with high wind

We all had a lovely, late Sunday morn-
ing nap. Right after breakfast Ed. drove
down for the mail, and to bring Aunt Eliza
back, but she could not come. Sister and
Dr. Green came about 12. Little yellow hen
hatched, under the conservatory. We had a
nice, cozy dinner, and such a pleasant fam-
ily time, only it was so soon over - they left
a little after four - running over the poor white
rooster in their haste to get home! - but he
was not hurt. I enjoyed a walk on
the porch for an hour in the windy, bracing air.

Mon. 24th. A beautiful, clear day

Blue Monday, washing going on. Ed went
to Brookeville. Cousin Charlie Kirk brought
Aunt Eliza home, he and Father went to
Uncle Jim's and returned to dinner. In
the afternoon Father and Mother went to
the Jones, to Brookeville, Olney, and back
by [illegible] Jones. Drunken men passed the
gate, fired pistols four or five times. Hard
to get Minkie in.

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